BAHCO warranty:

1. All hand tools in the catalogue are offered with a lifetime warranty; a warranty against material and manufacturing defects for the normal lifetime of the tool in question. “Lifetime” is defined as the period of time a tool can be expected to last under normal use and conditions.

2. SNA Europe’s range of power tools, pneumatic tools and measuring tools are excluded from point 1 and each has a separate warranty card supplied with the product covering the specific warranty conditions. Products are designed and manufactured for professional use. The warranty period is one year (12 months) for professional use and two years (24 months) for private use. The warranty period starts on the purchase date. This date may be verified with the invoice or any other document of legal value.

3. Defective product will be repaired, replaced or substituted. SNA Europe does not provide for the transportation cost for repaired, replaced or substituted product.

4. Any product that has been incorrectly used and/or maintained or that is worn from improper use or that has suffered unauthorized modifications is not covered by this warranty.

5. A warranty claim must be submitted within the warranty period. This requires the submission or shipment of the complete tool in question with verification of sale documentation, which must validate the purchase date and the product designation, to the retailer or distributor.

6. Replacement or repair of the product will be carried out as quickly as possible. At the reception of the replaced or repaired product the customer is asked to validate conformity. Replacements and repairs provided under the warranty do not lengthen or renew the warranty period for the tool.