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Advanced Lighting Systems - or ALS for short.

The ALS range is all-new, but it's built on very extensive experience - and an unwavering dedication to making the best work lights in the business.
Created by AEC in close collaboration with SCANGRIP.


AEC was established in 2000 and has more than 15 years comprehensive business experience. AEC is China's best manufacturer of work lights. A bold claim, perhaps, but they are confident it's true. And please note that they specifically say best, not largest: In AEC they focus on quality rather than volume.
SCANGRIP has a history that goes back more than 110 years and is Europe's leading supplier of high-quality lighting solutions.


Technology is always evolving - and this is certainly true of LEDs and battery tech. At ALS they keep a close eye on all new developments. When exciting opportunities arise, they can act fast, creating new products to ensure that with ALS, you always get the best the market can offer.

ALS insistence on quality means that they meet the strictest industry standards. And they not only meet or exceed standards such as ISO 9001, EN/IEC80079-34. ALS production facilities have been approved to carry out their own CSA, TüV and INTERTEK certification tests - definite proof that ALS is technology you can trust.


The AEC design strategy has been recognized by leading industry experts: their work lights have received no less than seven Red Dot awards and three iF design awards for their combination of quality, performance and style.

The ALS range is all about combining the newest technology with superior quality. And style, of course. But photos won't give you the full picture: you need to experience them for yourself. Once you've handled and tested these lights, we're confident you'll be convinced.

You can find more information about ALS on their website.

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