For those who have yet be acquainted with Centroinstrument brand we advise to read these a few words from Andrey Dobrynin – General Director of Centroinstrument

Dear Friends,

Once the decision was made in 2000 to establish Centroinstrument as a hand and garden tool distributor, we started thinking of the price and quality niche we would like to see it in. At that time the Russian tool market had been already conquered by “European” companies, which were distributing extremely cheap and extremely low quality products.

In those conditions Centroinstrument had no chances for success in competing in that low quality level market sector. That was why we decided to offer to the people the products most of them had been dreaming of – the best tools by quality or design money could buy at the moment, provided the price level remained reasonable and affordable.

Today we are enjoying the fruits of such a policy. The popularity of Centroinstrument hand and garden tools has spread through borders, having made our brand one of the most popular in most East Europe countries. Our tools have also gained popularity among our customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We are present in nearly all distribution networks in these three countries, in many large and small specialised building supplies stores and garden centres.
After several years of rebranding, we have significantly improved the appearance of our products and increased our brand awareness.
We wish to thank all those who support us. And we welcome new friends.

Good luck!

Andrey Dobrynin
General Director

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