NES thread repair tools is a complete line of tools specially designed to repair any defect thread, internal & external. NES patented tools are universal in diameter & Pitch to give the user a comfortable, easy to use, fast & cost effective solution for any case of thread defect – for that we are the experts.

Shilo Technologies Ltd. established in 1986. Headquarters & manufacture lines are based in Jerusalem Israel.

Since 1999 Shilo is introducing a range of tools for repairing internal threads that will further enhance the product range and position the company at the forefront of thread restoring technology. That range includes Nes 21, Nes 22, Nes 23, Nes 24, Nes 25, Nes 26, Nes 27, Nes 28 & Nes 29 To differentiate professional tools from the DIY tools Shilo Technologies Ltd. has created ThreadMate External thread repair & TM20 & TM21 for small internal threads.

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