Toolmarketing is the biggest distributor of premium hand tools in the Baltics. Many years ago, we have understood, that just by providing good quality tools we cannot solve the problems of our customers. We had to look at the bigger picture: efficient and transparent supply chain, consumption reduction, right tool at the right place at the right time, efficiency and safety gain – these are the problems we try to solve. All over the world, in different industries we can see, that business models are changing – physical product purchase is replaced by service (owning is replaced by rent). We want to be known on the market for innovation and unique services which are valued by the customers.

We have developed our services according to following criteria:

1) to save time and resources of our customer
2) to let our customers to concentrate on their main process
3) to help our customers to be more sustainable (choose greener)

Below you will find the current list of our services – some of them more traditional, some very new and unique.

Tool storage & kitbuilding solutions

You need to organize your tools? Looking for solutions, which help to achieve 5S (Lean) goals? With our tool storage and tool kit building solutions you will have all the tools you need (or only the tools you need!), organized at your workplace. There are many options you can choose: stationary and mobile tool storage solutions; lightweight, heavy duty or with IP class; ready-made or custom-made tool storage; in a trolley, metal case, plastic case or nylon pouch; laser marking; foam inlays.

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Torque tools service

Torque tools

Modern and accurate torque tools are essential in many applications. Torque tools need to be tested and calibrated regularly. You want someone to take care of that? You have come to the right place. Wide range of torque tools available: manual torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque testers, torque multipliers, connected torque tools which send data about tightening to your computer.

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Tool fleet management (TaaS = Tool as a Service)

Have you ever considered that purchase, maintenance and replacement of tools is taking too much of your valuable time? Tool fleet management can be the solution you have been looking for. This service will lower your costs and provide problem free maintenance for your tools. You can grow without hiring new people or you can free your existing people from these activities. This unique service works like magic… on the background, so that you can even forget all the hassle you had with tools before.

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Tool as a Service TaaS


LeanVend - industrial vending solutions

Reduction of tools and PPE consumption sounds impossible?

When experienced and committed team combines the leading vending technology with professional products, it becomes possible. 100% success rate on existing implementations. Industrial vending is a
green supply chain solution, which can help you to achieve your Lean goals.

Different contract types and wide choice of machines enable to create a solution around your needs.

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Tool service and repair

Correct and timely maintenance can extend the lifetime of power tools by 50% to 300%. Extending the lifetime of tools is a greener choice and a good investment as well. During the whole life cycle power tools need different kinds of attention – preventative maintenance can avoid expensive repair and unexpected delays in work process. Experienced service technicians and stock of spare parts are at your service. Due to availability of spare parts and our specific expertise this service is limited with the brands in our portfolio.

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