Tivoly as a brand was founded in 1917 in the Tours-en-Savoie region of France and is specialized in the production of metal cutting accessories. The company is named after it's founder Lucien Tivoly. Production of extra-short drill-bits suitable for electric drills started already in 1935. In 1998 Tivoly went public and as of 2013 the company employed 604 people. The company's headquarters is located in France and has manufacturing branches in England, Spain, USA and China.

Tivoly's product range includes a wide range of HSS, carbide and diamond cutting tools for various alloys, metals and composites. Tivoly also offers a variety of power tools accessories for drilling, grinding and cutting.

Tivoly's mission is to produce and sell quality cutting tools and to develop related products and services.

You can find more information about Tivoly on their website.

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