Uvex is one brand with one mission: protecting people. The Uvex brand is based on two established pillars: products of the uvex sports and uvex safety. Uvex produces personal protective equipment from head to toe – from protective helmets to safety shoes. Uvex safety develops and produces innovative industrial safety products, which meet the most demanding conditions.

Uvex is a medium-sized enterprise with a long tradition, with values that are firmly established in the company culture and with loyal staff.

Uvex approaches sustainability in every detail, they consider the environmental impact in all their processes. For uvex, quality is much more than the sum of good product features. Quality is a fundamental attitude that dominates companies, objectives, products and services. "Made in uvex" is a quality seal – and company's promise to customers, employees and the environment.

The brand Uvex has an outstanding reputation worldwide. Countless national and international prizes have been awarded for first-class performance.

In Uvex they work together day by day to achieve their defined objective: to be the best!

You can find more information about Uvex on their website.

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